Heith Barkley

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I have always enjoyed sports, and have played soccer as an adult, and attempted to work out to stay in shape, with varying degrees of success. I work in the mental health field, where there is typically a lot of stress to manage. I struggled with motivation and making adjustments to my busy life, to effect a change in my overall health. The primary excuse I used was the lack of time to find a new workout routine. A new routine usually meant less sleep, and less energy to do anything else. HAWA offered help from their Provider team to get me on track to reach a health goal for myself, exactly one year ago. 

I worked with a HAWA Nutritionist for nutrition planning and healthy eating. I also worked closely with a HAWA Fitness Specialist for fitness planning and exercise routines. The original goal I had was to lose 25 pounds and I wanted to participate in a soccer tournament.

I wanted to change something in my life that positively affected my health, and see if I could feel healthy enough to play sports again. I love playing soccer and it has since become a very big part of my family when there is an opportunity to play together.Throughout the year, there have been many challenges to overcome. HAWA’s Fitness Specialist has been very supportive, and the consistent message has been to allow for days missed. Perfection is not the goal, but progress. I have lost 20 pounds and participated in the annual soccer tournament, where we won the championship. It was a lot of fun and completely exhausting, but I survived and managed to struggle through it alongside other, much younger participants. I feel like that was a HUGE success. I am finding the more I stay active, the better my body feels doing everyday things.

HAWA’s Fitness Specialist has been great with regular check-ins and supporting my continued growth. She has provided resources and tools to aid in my journey and helped me to stay motivated when I’m working out. HAWA’s Nutritionist has offered great recipes and guidance on foods that are healthy replacements for the snacks I often eat. I knew at the beginning, that in order to stay motivated and continue on the path, I would need follow-up and continued support, which they provided.I would recommend that others take the time to talk to the HAWA Providers, and accept their advice. They are there to help, and if you give it a try, they can help you achieve wonderful goals. I would recommend realistic goals to start with, and even though a big goal is something to shoot for, smaller more measurable goals are the steps to reach it.