Where does your passion come from?

Friday, June 28, 2019

We asked Marilyn Crawford, our Founder and CEO, where her passion comes from.

Marilyn: My passion comes from the desire to empower and equip populations to experience wellness within themselves and for their family members, to avoid falling prey to chronic health conditions, that cripple their quality of life.

I experienced first-hand my parents going from doctor to doctor, carrying binders full of medical reports and information, trying desperately to be understood and to receive the care they deserved. They struggled to understand their health benefits and their physician’s recommendations, and they were often overwhelmed by the out-dated process of tracking and managing their health.

The term wellness or “feeling well” was not their reality. In their last 10 years of life, they both dealt with multiple chronic health conditions. If only they could have gained the support, education and tools they needed at an early age, to achieve a state of “wellness”. Then they would have continued to be supported to maintain that state over the years, and their lives would have been drastically different.