Your Healthy & Happy Work From Home Space

Monday, March 23, 2020

For the last 6 years, I have worked both from home and in an office. Millions of employees who are used to working only within an office setting, are now being asked to work at home. The Coronavirus is forcing "non-essential" employers and employees to prepare their home for a productive home business environment. For some, this sounds like a dream come true, but for others, it may be their worst nightmare!

A Healthy & Happy Workspace requires a little thought and preparation. Let's start with the basics:

1. Select an area of your home that is free of distractions (TV, other family members, pets, etc.) and that is safe to work in.

2. Prepare a desk or table to serve as your office desk. Select a comfortable chair. Clear the table and place only the things you need to successfully conduct your business.

3. Check your home internet service to make sure the speed will work for business connectivity.

4. Make sure you have clear phone connectivity from the area you select to work from.

5. Move some cheerful decorations and/or plants into the work environment.

6. Place your computer equipment on the desk and test out any video conferencing platforms or VPN equipment that you use to access a corporate business platform to work from. Let your company's help desk know if you have trouble gaining access to any platforms that will be needed to do your job.

7. Keep yourself hydrated with a glass of water and limit caffeine during times when anxiety is already high.

8. If you will be on business video calls, prepare the background behind your desk so that it looks as professional as the background in your standard office.

Now that we have touched on the basics, let's dig a little deeper on how you can really succeed:

1. Stay on a schedule, just as you have always had. Get up, get ready, fuel up with a healthy breakfast and head to your home office.

2. Resist the urge to work in your PJ's, and dress as you normally would. Psychologically, it makes a big difference.

3. Plan for work breaks. You might have some healthy food and beverages, and/or have a quick interaction with a family member or friend in the house or over the phone. Then head back to work!

For a few more tips, read "12 Ways to Make Your Office Better for Your Health" and enjoy your new workspace and freedom from the gas charges and the traffic driving into the office.